Anin Solid Mechanics Engineer Co. has been established based on the afore-mentioned principles and standards as well as its experiences and endeavor in executing the largest and most important national projects so as to meet part of the essential requirements of country. Accordingly, we have attempted hard to consolidate our status in the industrial market with contribution, integrity and solidarity.
Anin Solid Mechanics Engineer Co. continuously strives to generate a profitable return for its owners through value creating growth. Alliances and acquisitions contribute to strengthening the market position.
Over the past 22 years, Anin Solid Mechanics Engineer Co. has developed a business culture based on four fundamental values:
• Competence - Professionalism, Credibility and Integrity
• Co-operation - Team Spirit and Openness
• Responsibility - Ownership and Will to Change
• Commitment – Surpassing commitments to perfectly handle work autonomously
In strict accordance with these values, we have earned the trust of our shareholders, customers, business partners, co-workers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.
At Anin Solid Mechanics Engineer Co. , our overall strategy is to differentiate ourselves within our focus areas in the minerals and cement industries, and at the same time continue to maintain and sharpen our competitive edge by fulfilling our customers’ needs.
Anin Solid Mechanics Engineer Co. will be a focused company that differentiates itself from competitors by supplying full service solutions to our six focus industries – coal, iron ore, fertilizers, copper, gold, lime and cement – and within our core technologies, from material handling in the quarry throughout processing to end product. Moreover, we are also determined to expand our field of work in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical industries and renewable energies.
We are committed to our social responsibilities, so preserving the environment and improving people’s quality of life as the final consumers of our services is of great importance to us. We believe our commitment to the principles of professional ethics brings about reputation and trust.




Founded in 1372 in order to perform engineering activities from designing to manufacturing, from erection to installation and construction to commissioning in professional fields such as food industry, mining industry and construction industry