Anin Solid Mechanics Engineers Co. is a company which is endowed with experienced and professional staff and it provides services such as consultant engineering, supreme supervision, site supervision, management of contract, EPC and construction contractor by observing technical, qualitative, and economic principles. In order to execute Integrated Management System (IMS) the company has grounded its major guidelines based on the following objectives and is committed to effectively perform them:
1. Raising the clients’ and staffs’ satisfaction and improving as well as promoting the quality of IMS.
2. Development and effective utilization of human resources and promoting staffs’ competence as a guarantee for the successfulness of organization in executing IMS.
3. Development of contractors’ network through using the potentialities of outsource contractors in enhancing the company’s plans and development.
4. Development of the capacity of financial provisions so as to reinforce the company in choosing project, their successful implementation.
5. Commitment to preserve the environment and preventing it against pollution with the relevant organizations’ rules and regulations.
6. Commitment to the employees’ health by taking precautious measures against unpredictable incidents with the relevant organizational rules and regulations.
7. Effective utilization of resources and energy to prevent against squandering them.
8. Depending on the domestic potential of construction to further strengthen the domestic industries and reduce project expenses.
9. Execution of projects in time framework.
10. commitment to design and provide engineering documents regarding the latest standards Recognition and managerial technologies in implementing projects.
11. Commitment to document all affairs and projects.
12. Running the assessment system of workability.
13. Commitment to enhance performance and reduce the final price.
Understanding and performing these principles is the company’s major responsibility and its report is offered by the representative of managing director. I monitor the implementation, practicality and efficiency of IMS in certain time frequency through management supervision system.




Founded in 1372 in order to perform engineering activities from designing to manufacturing, from erection to installation and construction to commissioning in professional fields such as food industry, mining industry and construction industry